Heading to Yosemite for camping but don’t have a car? No worries!

Yosemite National Park offers excellent public transportation options. Leave your vehicle behind and explore this natural wonder hassle-free.

Few ways to get to Yosemite for camping without a car:

  • YARTS buses from nearby towns
  • Private shuttle services
  • Tour packages including camping
  • Ridesharing options

YARTS bus system runs affordable routes to Yosemite from Merced, Mammoth Lakes, Sonora and other gateways. Buses go to major destinations inside park.

Park entrance, food storage, bear canisters – everything provided at Yosemite campsites. Just need to carry camping gear on the bus!

Don’t want to deal with public transit? Private shuttles available from airports like Fresno, Oakland directly to your campground. Or join a guided camping tour – transportation and gear provided.

Taking the YARTS Bus to Yosemite

YARTS (Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System) runs affordable bus routes to Yosemite from multiple gateway cities like Merced, Mammoth Lakes, Sonora and more. Buses go directly to major destinations inside the park like Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows.

YARTS has space for camping gear! Park entrance, food storage lockers, bear-proof canisters – everything provided at Yosemite campsites. Just need to carry your camping equipment on the bus.

Key YARTS Routes:

  • Merced to Yosemite Valley (2 hours)
  • Mammoth Lakes to Tuolumne Meadows (1 hour)
  • Sonora to Yosemite Valley (2 hours)

Fares start around $25 for round-trip depending on origin city.

Private Camping Shuttles

Don’t want to deal with public transit schedules? Multiple private companies offer direct shuttle services from airports like Fresno, Oakland, San Francisco right to your reserved campground in Yosemite.

Hassle-free door-to-campsite transportation! Just provide your camping details. Shuttles have space for all your gear.

Example Shuttle Services:

  • Yosemite Pines Resort Shuttles
  • Yosemite Cabins Shuttles
  • Yosemite Resort Shuttles

Shuttle costs around $50-100 per person one-way depending on origin.

Guided Camping Tours

For a truly effortless experience, join a guided camping tour package to Yosemite! Transportation provided from origin cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles along with all camping gear and equipment.

Tours include camping nights at reserved campsites, guided hikes, park entrance fees and most meals. Expert guides ensure you have a memorable camping trip without any hassles.

Sample Tour Companies:

  • REI Adventures Yosemite Camping Tour
  • Incredible Adventures Yosemite Camping
  • Skyline Hiking & Camping Tours

Tour costs start from $500-800 for 3-4 day packages per person.

Ridesharing to Yosemite

For budget travelers, ridesharing apps offer a convenient and cost-effective way to catch a ride to Yosemite. Apps like Zebride connect you with locals headed into the park so you can split costs.

Ideal for solo travelers or small groups with camping gear that can fit in a car. Arrange pickup location near your home.

Estimated Rideshare Costs:

  • San Francisco to Yosemite: $25-40 per person
  • Los Angeles to Yosemite: $40-60 per person

Essential Camping Gear Checklist for Yosemite

Camping in Yosemite without a car means you need to carry all your gear on public transit, shuttles or rideshares. Here’s a checklist of must-have items for a hassle-free camping experience:

Camping Basics:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag & pad
  • Camp stove & fuel
  • Cooler for food
  • Camping chairs
  • Headlamps/flashlights


  • Warm layers (nights get cold)
  • Rain jacket
  • Hiking boots
  • Sun hat & sunglasses

Cooking Supplies:

  • Utensils, plates, cups
  • Camping stove & fuel
  • Water bottles
  • Cooler with ice packs

Hygiene Items:

  • Toiletries & shower items
  • Toilet paper & trowel
  • Sunscreen & insect repellent

Safety Gear:

  • Map & compass
  • Bear spray (required)
  • First aid kit


  • Camera
  • Camping games/entertainment
  • Campfire wood (purchase outside park)

Remember, everything you bring must be carried! Pack minimally but ensure you have all camping essentials covered, especially bear-proof food storage. Rental options available in park for some gear.