Traveling from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon usually brings to mind a road trip across desert landscapes. But what if you don’t have a car at your disposal? Is it still possible to make this iconic journey? Absolutely, yes.

In this post, I’m going to guide you through various ways to reach the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas without needing to drive yourself.

There are several convenient and exciting options available that cater to different preferences and budgets, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon.

How to Get from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Without a Car

Tour Buses


  • Guided tours with meals and stops
  • Multiple viewpoints of the Grand Canyon

Where to get:
You can book these tours online through travel agencies or directly at most hotels in Las Vegas.

Prices vary widely depending on the package, starting from around $90 to $200+.

Tour buses offer a hassle-free and informative way to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. These guided tours handle all the logistics, from transportation to meals, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the journey. A professional guide shares fascinating insights about the canyon’s history, geology, and wildlife, enriching your experience.

The tours are designed to make the most of your visit, with stops at various significant viewpoints and landmarks. This option is perfect for those who prefer a structured itinerary and want to learn as much as possible about the Grand Canyon.



  • Direct shuttle services
  • Shared ride options

Where to get:
You can book shuttle services online through various travel and tour websites or at kiosks located in Las Vegas hotels and tourist centers.

Prices vary based on the service provider and the type of service (private or shared), but they generally offer a middle-ground cost between tour buses and private rides.

Shuttles offers a balance between cost and convenience for those looking to visit the Grand Canyon without a car. Unlike tour buses that follow a set schedule and itinerary, shuttles provide more flexibility, allowing you to plan your visit on your terms while still avoiding the hassle of driving.

Shuttles can be a great option for smaller groups or solo travelers who prefer a bit of independence without the need for navigation. Most shuttle services also provide the comfort of a pre-booked seat and the assurance of a direct route to the Grand Canyon, making your journey as smooth as possible.

Public Transportation


  • Bus to Flagstaff, AZ, then shuttle to the Grand Canyon
  • Combination of local buses and shuttles

Where to get:
Tickets and schedules are available online or at bus stations in Las Vegas. For the shuttle part of the journey, bookings can be made through the shuttle service’s website or at the Flagstaff station.

This is the most budget-friendly option, though prices will vary depending on the specific bus and shuttle services chosen.

Using public transportation to travel from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is the adventure seeker’s choice, offering not just a way to get there but an experience in itself. It requires a bit more planning and time, as you’ll likely need to navigate bus schedules and coordinate your transfers.

This option opens up opportunities for scenic views and local interactions that you’d miss by driving or taking a direct shuttle. It’s ideal for travelers on a tight budget or those who enjoy making the journey part of their adventure.

Rideshare or Taxi


  • App-based rideshare services (Uber, Lyft)
  • Local taxi companies

Where to get:
Rides can be booked through the respective mobile apps for rideshare services or by calling local taxi companies directly from anywhere in Las Vegas.

The fare for a rideshare or taxi to the Grand Canyon can be quite high due to the distance, easily running into hundreds of dollars one way. Splitting the cost among a group can make it more manageable.

Opting for a rideshare or taxi offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility for your trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. This method is ideal for those who prefer a direct, private, and comfortable journey without the hassle of driving themselves.

While it is the most expensive option among those listed, it provides door-to-door service and the ability to customize your itinerary on the go. Whether you decide to make stops along the way or head straight to the Grand Canyon, a rideshare or taxi can accommodate your plans.

This option is particularly appealing for groups or families, as the cost becomes more affordable when shared.



  • Amtrak to Flagstaff, followed by the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams

Where to get:
Tickets for both the Amtrak and Grand Canyon Railway can be booked online through their respective websites or at train stations.

Fares vary based on the class of service and booking time. While the train journey requires planning and is not the cheapest, it offers a unique and scenic travel experience.

Traveling by train to the Grand Canyon presents a unique opportunity to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Starting with Amtrak, you can reach Flagstaff, a journey that lets you witness the diverse landscapes of the Southwest. From Flagstaff, a short trip to Williams and a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway immerses you in the nostalgic charm of vintage rail travel, complete with historical narratives and breathtaking views.

This mode of travel is perfect for those who appreciate the romance and leisurely pace of train journeys. It allows you to step back in time and savor the anticipation of arriving at one of the natural wonders of the world.

The train journey combines comfort, scenic beauty, and a touch of adventure, making it a memorable part of your Grand Canyon experience.


1. What’s the most budget-friendly way to get from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon without a car?
The most budget-friendly option is often using public transportation, which involves taking a bus to Flagstaff and then connecting with a shuttle to the Grand Canyon.

2. Can I book a direct shuttle from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?
Yes, there are direct shuttle services available. These can be booked online and offer a convenient way to travel directly to the Grand Canyon.

3. How long does the train journey from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon take?
While there’s no direct train from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, the combination of Amtrak to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams offers a scenic route. The total journey time varies but expect a full day of travel.

4. Are rideshare services like Uber or Lyft available for trips from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?
Yes, rideshare services are available for this route. However, due to the distance, it’s one of the more expensive options, especially if not splitting the fare with others.

5. Do tour buses from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon offer return trips on the same day?
Many tour bus services offer round-trip options that include returning to Las Vegas on the same day, making it a convenient choice for those short on time.


Follow these tips, and you’ll find getting from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon without a car is not only possible but also an adventure. Whether you choose a tour bus for a guided experience, a shuttle for flexibility, public transportation for the budget-conscious, a rideshare or taxi for convenience, or even a train for a scenic journey, each option offers its own unique set of benefits.