Getting around Moscow is easy with its many public transport options. You can travel by metro, bus, tram, and more. Each way of travel offers its own experience of the city. The metro is famous for its beautiful stations, while buses and trams let you see the city as you move. For each ride, you pay with a ticket that works across different types of transport, making it simple to switch from one to another.

To start using public transport in Moscow, you need a ticket. You can buy one at metro stations, from machines, or even in some shops. With one ticket, you can take any metro, bus, or tram. It’s good to have a map or an app to help find your way.

Here’s a detailed guide to Moscow Public Transport.

Moscow Public Transport Guide for Tourists

1. Metro

Access Area: All across Moscow, connecting most of the key city regions.

Price Range: 55 Rubles per journey, with various pass options offering reductions.

Metro is one of the most efficient ways to navigate the city, covering vast distances quickly. Daily, millions use the Metro, making it the backbone of Moscow’s transport. It runs from early morning till late, ensuring you can get almost anywhere in the city without much hassle.

With affordable prices and various passes, it suits everyone from the occasional visitor to the daily commuter. The Metro is your go-to option for fast, reliable, and scenic travel across Moscow.

2. Bus

Access Area: Extensive coverage throughout Moscow and the suburbs.

Price Range: 55 Rubles per journey, with various pass options available.

Buses in Moscow offer a wide-reaching network that complements the Metro, especially reaching areas the Metro doesn’t. They provide a seamless view of the city’s landscape as you travel, from bustling city centers to quieter suburban streets. With an extensive timetable, buses cater to early birds and night owls alike. They’re a reliable choice for those looking to explore Moscow thoroughly, connecting you from major Metro stops to the less accessible corners of the city.

The convenience of buses, combined with their affordability, makes them a favored option for both residents and tourists wanting to uncover all of Moscow’s hidden gems.

3. Tram

Access Area: Specific areas within Moscow, especially the older parts of the city.

Price Range: 55 Rubles per journey, with different pass options for regular users.

Trams in Moscow offer a charming way to explore the city, especially the historic parts not covered by the Metro. Riding a tram is like taking a step back in time, allowing for a slower pace of travel that invites you to admire the city’s beauty.

Trams are perfect for those leisurely days when you want to soak in the sights without the rush. Trams stop frequently, making them ideal for short trips or when you have multiple stops planned. Their routes through the older districts provide a scenic backdrop that enhances your Moscow experience. For those looking to connect with Moscow’s past while enjoying a relaxed journey, trams are the answer.

4. Trolleybus

Access Area: Routes covering many city areas.

Price Range: 55 Rubles per journey, with discount passes available for frequent travelers.

Trolleybuses in Moscow serve as an eco-friendly option for getting around the city. Running on electricity, this transport mode offers a quieter and cleaner alternative. It complements the Metro network, providing connections to various parts of the city not directly accessible by the underground. This system demonstrates Moscow’s commitment to sustainable urban transport.

Trolleybuses are particularly useful for daily commutes or exploring the city while minimizing environmental impact. With routes that weave through both bustling streets and quieter neighborhoods, the trolleybus is a convenient choice for environmentally conscious travelers seeking to explore Moscow’s diverse offerings.

5. Train

Access Area: Moscow city and beyond, reaching up to the suburbs.

Price Range: Varies depending on the distance. In-city journeys start from 55 Rubles.

Trains, including the Moscow Central Circle, offer a swift and efficient way to navigate both the heart of the city and its outer edges. This option is perfect for those looking to venture beyond the city center to explore the suburbs or needing a quick route across town. Train stations are strategically located throughout Moscow, making it easy to find a convenient starting point for your journey.

Regular service ensures you can plan your travels without long waits, providing a reliable and timely alternative to road travel. For adventurers looking to discover more of what Moscow and its surroundings have to offer, the train is an excellent choice.

6. Shared Bike Service

Access Area: Bike stations scattered throughout the city.

Price Range: Single trips start from 150 Rubles, with daily and seasonal passes available.

For short, leisurely trips or excursions in parks, the Velobike bike-sharing scheme is a fantastic option. Operating mainly from May to October, it allows you to enjoy Moscow’s pleasant weather while moving around flexibly. You can easily pick up a bike from any docking station and return it to another location after your ride.

This service is ideal for those looking to combine exercise with exploration, offering a healthy and enjoyable way to see the city. Whether you’re commuting short distances or touring local attractions, shared bikes provide a fun, eco-friendly travel alternative.

7. Monorail

Access Area: Connects six stations along a 5km route in the city.

Price Range: 55 Rubles per journey, with discount passes available.

The Monorail in Moscow offers a unique vantage point to see the city from above. This elevated rail system covers a relatively short route but links several key areas, making it especially appealing for tourists. The ride itself provides panoramic views of Moscow, allowing for a scenic journey across part of the city. While it serves some practical commuting needs, its real charm lies in the novel experience it offers.

The Monorail is a testament to Moscow’s blend of modern transportation solutions with sightseeing opportunities, providing both locals and visitors a different way to explore the city’s landscape.

8. Taxi

Access Area: Throughout Moscow and suburbs.

Price Range: Varies based on distance, and cab services. Generally starts around 200 Rubles.

Taxis offer the most personal and flexible travel option in Moscow, ideal for those seeking convenience or traveling with luggage.

With the ability to book via mobile apps like Yandex, securing a ride is just a few taps away, ensuring that you can move around the city at any time, directly from your location to your destination. Taxis are particularly useful for group travel or when visiting areas less accessible by public transport. While traffic can affect travel times, especially during peak hours, the door-to-door service provided by taxis represents a hassle-free way to navigate Moscow’s bustling streets.

9. Shared Scooters and E-Bikes

Access Area: Throughout Moscow.

Price Range: Per minute pricing, usually starting from 5 Rubles/minute.

Shared scooters and E-bikes have emerged as trendy, eco-friendly ways to get around Moscow quickly. This mode of transport is perfect for short distances or when you want to avoid traffic congestion. Available for rent across the city, these vehicles can be easily accessed through smartphone apps, offering a convenient solution for last-mile travel.


How do I buy tickets for Moscow’s public transport?
You can purchase tickets at metro stations, from ticket machines, certain shops, and kiosks. There are options for single rides or multiple trips, and you can also get a Troika card, a rechargeable card that works on most public transport.

Can I use one ticket for different types of public transport?
Yes, the Troika card allows you to switch between the metro, buses, trams, and trolleybuses with ease. Just tap the card at entry points, and the cost of the ride will be deducted from your balance.

Is there a public transport option available 24/7 in Moscow?
While not all public transport runs 24/7, the Moscow Metro is available from around 5:30 AM until 1:00 AM. For late-night travel, you can use night buses or taxis.

Are there any discounts available for tourists using public transport in Moscow?
Tourists can benefit from purchasing a Moscow City Pass which offers unlimited travel on public transport for a set number of days, along with entry to various attractions.

How tourist-friendly is Moscow’s public transport?
Moscow’s public transport is very tourist-friendly, with metro signs and announcements in English. Free city maps and navigation apps like Yandex.Metro are also available to help you plan your journey.


Follow these guides, and I’ve covered all transport options. It will help you to move around Moscow with ease. From the beautiful metro stations to buses, trams, and more, you have lots of choices. Remember, buying a ticket and finding your way might seem tricky at first, but with a little practice, it gets easier. Use a transport card like Troika for convenience.