Can you live in Montreal without a car? Yes, absolutely. The city supports a car-free lifestyle, making it possible to enjoy all it has to offer on foot or by using public transportation. From parks to markets, museums to neighborhoods, everything is within reach.

The city’s layout and public transport make it easy for everyone to move around. With buses, metros, and bike paths, getting to the heart of Montreal’s beauty is simple and convenient.

Here are things to do in Montreal without a car.

Old Montreal

How to reach: Easily accessible by metro, with the nearest station being Place-d’Armes.
Things to do:

  1. Walk the cobblestone streets.
  2. Visit Notre-Dame Basilica.
  3. Explore local art galleries.
  4. Enjoy riverside views.
  5. Dine at quaint cafes.

Old Montreal feels like a page from history. Walking on cobblestone streets takes you back to the 17th century. Notre-Dame Basilica stands out with its stunning architecture. The area has a European touch that visitors love. Art galleries, riverside views, and cafes add to its charm.

People come here to see the mix of old and new. The historic buildings and modern life blend well. It’s a place where history is alive and well. Enjoying a meal at a local cafe, you get to soak in the area’s unique vibe. Old Montreal offers a special experience, connecting you to the city’s rich past.

Museum Hopping

How to reach: Various museums are spread across the city, accessible by metro; the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is near Guy-Concordia station.
Things to do:

  1. Admire art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
  2. Dive into history at Pointe-à-Callière.
  3. Explore Canadian culture at the McCord Museum.
  4. Participate in interactive exhibits.
  5. Attend special museum events and exhibitions.

Montreal’s museums tell stories of art, history, and culture. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts shows beautiful art pieces. Pointe-à-Callière takes you on a journey through Montreal’s history.

The McCord Museum focuses on Canadian culture. Each museum has its way of showing the city’s past and present. Visitors learn and have fun at the same time. Museums offer a look into different aspects of life in Montreal. Special events and exhibitions make every visit unique. Museum hopping in Montreal is a way to explore the city’s diverse stories.

Mount Royal Park

How to reach: Reachable by bus or a pleasant walk from downtown Montreal.
Things to do:

  1. Hike to the summit for panoramic views.
  2. Bike along scenic paths.
  3. Visit the monuments and Beaver Lake.
  4. Enjoy picnics in green spaces.
  5. Participate in seasonal activities like cross-country skiing.

Mount Royal Park is a green space in Montreal that offers peace and beautiful views. You can hike or bike to the top. The view from there includes the city skyline and the St. Lawrence River. The park has trails, monuments, and places to relax. It’s a spot for people who love nature and being outside.

In summer, it’s full of life, and in winter, it offers places for snow sports. Mount Royal Park is a break from the city without leaving it. It shows how nature and city life can go hand in hand.

Jean-Talon Market

How to reach: Accessible by metro; the nearest station is Jean-Talon.
Things to do:

  1. Taste fresh local produce.
  2. Sample artisanal cheeses.
  3. Enjoy delicious prepared foods.
  4. Explore exotic spices and imported goods.
  5. Shop for fresh flowers and plants.

Jean-Talon Market is a food lover’s dream. It has fresh produce, cheeses, and foods ready to eat. The market is a busy place where locals and visitors shop. You can find spices, sweets, and coffee. It’s a spot to try new foods and enjoy the market’s energy. People come here to shop, eat, and meet friends.

The market shows Montreal’s love for good food and fresh ingredients. It’s a place to enjoy the taste of Montreal and see the city’s lively side.

Little Italy

How to reach: The area is best reached by metro, with the nearest stop being Jean-Talon, connecting you to the heart of Little Italy.
Things to do:

  1. Savor authentic Italian cuisine.
  2. Visit the beautiful Church of the Madonna della Difesa.
  3. Stroll through Dante Park.
  4. Shop at Italian boutiques and food markets.
  5. Participate in the Italian Week festival.

Little Italy is a neighborhood full of Italian culture and food. You can eat pizza, gelato, and pastries. The area has the Church of the Madonna della Difesa with beautiful art inside.

A park and shops are selling Italian goods. Little Italy hosts a festival celebrating Italian culture. It’s a lively part of Montreal, showing the city’s Italian heritage. People visit for the food, culture, and atmosphere. Little Italy is a piece of Italy in Montreal, offering a warm welcome to everyone.

Quartier Latin

How to reach: Easily reached by metro, stopping at Berri-UQAM, which places you right in the Quartier Latin.
Things to do:

  1. Discover hidden cafes.
  2. Dine at trendy restaurants.
  3. Enjoy drinks at lively bars.
  4. Catch a film at an indie cinema.
  5. Attend cultural events and performances.

Quartier Latin is a place in Montreal known for its young vibe and cultural spots. It has cafes, restaurants, and bars with food from around the world. The area is perfect for people looking to eat, drink, and have fun. It has cinemas and theaters with shows and movies.

Quartier Latin is always full of energy, day and night. It’s a part of the city that shows Montreal’s modern and creative side. People come here to enjoy the lively streets and cultural life.


Can you explore Montreal without a car?
Yes, Montreal’s public transit and walkable areas make it easy to visit top spots car-free.

Where are the best places to walk in Montreal?
Old Montreal, the Plateau, and Downtown are great for pedestrians, offering sights and cafes.

Any free things to do on foot in Montreal?
Yes, exploring Mount Royal Park, public squares, and walking trails are free and fun activities.

Is public transport near Montreal’s attractions?
The metro and buses are close to major attractions, making them accessible without a car.

Is walking around Montreal’s attractions safe?
Yes, walking is safe during the day, with a friendly atmosphere in well-maintained areas.