Rome and Florence – two gems of Italy. Want to travel between cities? Many options if no car.

Few ways to get from Rome to Florence without a car

  • Train – Fast, comfortable. High-speed rail fastest option.
  • Bus – Cheap, runs frequently between cities.
  • Tour – Guided tours are available, see sights on the way.
  • Rideshare – Apps like BlaBlaCar for sharing rides.

Train: Fastest Way From Rome to Florence

Train the best option for Rome to Florence. High-speed rail takes just 1.5 hours! Board at Rome Termini station, and arrive at Florence Santa Maria Novella station. Trains run frequently, every 30 mins to 1 hour. Book early for discounts.

Top trains from Rome to Florence:

Frecciarossa – Fastest high-speed train. Luxury travel with air-con, WiFi, and power outlets. Takes 1.5 hours.

Intercity – Also direct train but slower than Frecciarossa. Cheaper but can take 3+ hours.

Regionale – Slower still, makes all stops. Cheap but the journey is over 4 hours.

Train Fares

  • High-speed Frecciarossa: €40-70 one-way
  • Intercity: €20-40 one-way
  • Regionale: €20-30 one-way (slowest)

Book at least 2 weeks early for the best Frecciarossa discounts. Savings of 60% are possible on early booking.

Distance: 173 miles (279 km)

Departure Stations in Rome: Termini main station. Also Tiburtina and Ostiense for some trains.

Arrival Station in Florence: Santa Maria Novella Central station

Bus: Cheapest Transport Between Cities

The bus is the cheaper option but slower than the train. Many companies offer buses from Rome to Florence – popular providers are Flixbus and Italobus. Travel time is 3-4 hours depending on traffic conditions. Buses depart from Rome Tiburtina station and arrive at Florence Villa Costanza station.

Buses run frequently throughout the day, usually every 1-2 hours. Service starts early morning around 6 am until late evening. The journey by bus is cheaper than the train but less comfortable. Buses have basic amenities like air-con and onboard toilets.

Bus Fares

  • Flixbus: €9-15 one-way
  • Italobus: €12-20 one-way

Booking is strongly recommended for the best bus fares. Prices increase closer to the travel date.

Distance: 185 miles (297 km)

Departure Station in Rome: Tiburtina bus terminal
Arrival Station in Florence: Villa Costanza bus station, a few km from the city center

Some buses also stop at Florence airport before terminating at Villa Costanza station.

Day Tours From Rome to Florence

Day tours offer convenient guided transport between Rome and Florence with sightseeing along the way. These are great options to experience the scenic Tuscan countryside while traveling between the cities.

Tours typically depart Rome early morning around 7-8 am by air-conditioned bus or train. Make stops at charming Tuscan hill towns like Siena, and Montepulciano or quaint villages in the Chianti wine region. Enjoy lunch at a vineyard or medieval town.

The tour also includes a walking tour of Florence’s highlights like the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio Bridge, and Piazza della Signoria on arrival. Depart Florence early evening to reach Rome by 8-9 pm.

Typical Tour Duration: 12-14 hours door-to-door

Tour Costs:

  • From €90-120 per person for bus/train tours
  • Includes hotel pickup/drop-off, transport, tour guide, some meals

Book tours online in advance to secure a spot. Tours run year-round but are more frequent in peak season.

Rideshare Option via BlaBlaCar

For budget travelers, ridesharing apps like BlaBlaCar offer cheap shared transfers between Rome and Florence. Estimated cost €20-30 per person depending on car size.

Meet your driver at designated pickup points in each city. BlaBlaCar connects you with locals offering rides in their personal vehicles. Cost-effective but less comfortable than bus/train.

Rideshare Distance: 173 miles (279 km)
Estimated Duration: 3-4 hours