Welcome to the beautiful coastal wonderland of Cinque Terre! It’s a place with five charming villages, each one special in its own way. You might be thinking, “Where can I stay if I don’t have a car?”

No worries, we’ve got you covered! This article will show you the best places to stay in Cinque Terre without needing a car.

Whether you love nature, beaches, or delicious food, there’s a perfect spot for you. Prepare to discover hidden gems and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Can I Stay In Cinque Terre Without A Car

Yes, you can stay in Cinque Terre without a car! The five villages in Cinque Terre are connected by trains and boats, so it’s easy to get around without a car.

Actually, having a car can be a little troublesome because the streets are narrow, and there’s limited parking.

Each village has its own special charm, and you can explore them easily by walking, taking the train, or using a boat.

The train system works well and quickly takes you from one village to another. You’ll see amazing coastal views and experience the lively culture of this beautiful region.

Staying in Cinque Terre without a car lets you fully enjoy the local lifestyle, meet friendly locals, and try delicious Italian food at cozy trattorias.

Top 10 Places To Stay In Cinque Terre Without A Car

Vernazza Village

Staying in Vernazza without a car is a breeze, as this small village is pedestrian-friendly.

Most accommodations are located within a short walk from the train station, making it easy to reach your destination.

Once settled, take leisurely strolls through the charming streets, enjoy breathtaking sea views, and indulge in delicious seafood at local restaurants.

Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare is the perfect place for beach lovers to stay without a car.

With the main village being flat and easily accessible on foot, you can reach the train station, beaches, and local attractions with ease.

Choose from a range of accommodations close to the waterfront and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.


For nature enthusiasts and hikers, Manarola offers an ideal stay without a car.

The village itself is car-free, allowing you to explore its beauty on foot.

From the train station, embark on breathtaking hikes along the coastal paths, such as the famous Via dell’Amore, offering stunning views of the sea and vineyards.


As the first village you encounter when arriving by train, Riomaggiore is incredibly convenient for those without a car.

The accommodations here are located close to the station, making it easy to settle in and explore.

Wander through the colorful streets, capture beautiful moments, and soak in the lively atmosphere.


Although Corniglia requires a bit of climbing, it offers an authentic Cinque Terre experience away from the crowds.

Reach the village by shuttle bus from the train station and stay in cozy guesthouses.

Enjoy the panoramic views of the coastline and terraced vineyards, and explore the charming streets on foot.


Located just outside the Cinque Terre National Park, Levanto is an excellent base for travelers seeking a quieter retreat.

Without a car, you can easily take short train rides to the villages or enjoy the town’s own beautiful beaches.

Choose from a variety of accommodations that cater to different budgets and enjoy a serene ambiance.

La Spezia

As the largest city near Cinque Terre, La Spezia provides a variety of lodging options.

Stay in the city center and take short train rides to the villages, or choose a hotel near the waterfront to experience the maritime charm.

La Spezia also offers museums, shops, and restaurants to explore during your stay.


Though not one of the five Cinque Terre villages, Portovenere is a delightful neighboring town with its own unique charm.

Easily accessible by boat, it offers a peaceful stay away from the bustling crowds.

Choose from charming accommodations and explore the pastel-colored houses, the historic castle, and the stunning views.


A short train ride away from Cinque Terre, Bonassola is a hidden gem for those seeking a quieter retreat.

Relax on the sandy beach, explore lush nature trails, and choose from charming accommodations perfect for a slower-paced vacation without a car.


Lerici, another nearby gem, is a picturesque town with a beautiful castle overlooking the sea.

While not directly part of Cinque Terre, it is well-connected by boat and offers a peaceful atmosphere, making it a delightful place to relax and unwind without a car.

How can I reach Cinque Terre villages without a car?

Cinque Terre villages are well-connected by trains and boats, making it easy for travelers without a car to get around.

The train is the most popular and efficient mode of transportation, providing access to all five villages and nearby towns like La Spezia.

Boats also offer scenic rides between the villages and neighboring towns like Portovenere.

Staying in Cinque Terre without a car is not only possible but also a delightful experience. Thanks to the region’s efficient train and boat connections, exploring and savoring the breathtaking beauty of this coastal paradise becomes easy and enjoyable.

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