Living in a big city like London can be exciting, but sometimes it can also feel a bit overwhelming.

London is famous for its iconic buildings, vibrant culture, and excellent public transport system.

That’s why many people in London choose not to have a car. In this article, I’ll discuss what it’s like to live without a car in the city.

I’ll share helpful tips and introduce you to some hidden gems that will make navigating London a breeze.

Can I Live in London Without a Car

Definitely! You can live in London without a car and still have a fantastic time.

The city is famous for its great public transportation system, which includes the Tube (Underground), buses, and trains.

These options can easily take you to different places in and around the city.

Many Londoners choose not to have a car because public transport is reliable, efficient, and doesn’t cost a lot.

Walking is also a popular way to get around in London. The city has plenty of sidewalks and special paths for pedestrians.

By walking, you can explore the lovely streets, find hidden treasures, and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Cycling is another awesome choice for getting around London. There are separate lanes for cyclists and programs that let you rent bikes easily.

Cycling allows you to breathe in fresh air, avoid traffic jams, and see the city from a whole new perspective.

Best cities to live in London without a car

Camden Town

Situated in North London, Camden is a diverse and culturally vibrant neighborhood that caters to individuals seeking an urban lifestyle without the hassle of owning a car.

Known for its iconic markets, including Camden Lock Market and Stables Market, this area offers a plethora of unique shops, street food vendors, and live music venues.


Nestled just north of the City of London, Islington is a charming borough renowned for its lively atmosphere and trendy appeal.

This car-free haven boasts an array of stylish boutiques, cafes, and gastropubs.

Upper Street, the main thoroughfare, is lined with diverse eateries, making it a food lover’s paradise.


Nestled in the heart of West London, Kensington is an elegant and affluent neighborhood renowned for its prestigious addresses and cultural attractions.

This car-free oasis offers residents the opportunity to explore world-class museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum.


Shoreditch is a lively neighborhood situated in the vibrant East End of London.

Known for its colorful street art, independent shops, and exciting nightlife, Shoreditch is a magnet for artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

The streets are adorned with bustling markets like Brick Lane Market and Old Spitalfields Market, where visitors can satisfy their taste buds with a variety of delicious foods and discover one-of-a-kind treasures while shopping.


Located on the edge of London, Richmond is a peaceful and beautiful place that feels far from the busy city center.

This leafy suburb is lucky to have lots of open spaces, like Richmond Park, which is the biggest Royal Park in London.

People who live here can take relaxed strolls along the Thames River, visit historical spots like Hampton Court Palace, or simply enjoy the calmness of Kew Gardens.


If you desire a central London lifestyle without needing a car, Westminster is the perfect option.

This historic area is home to famous landmarks like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and Buckingham Palace.

Residents can take leisurely walks along the Thames embankment, explore exceptional museums, and fully immerse themselves in the lively street atmosphere that defines Westminster.

How To Live In London Without A Car

Public Transportation

London has an excellent public transportation network that forms the foundation of car-free living.

The Underground, affectionately called the Tube, is a reliable and efficient way to get around the city, thanks to its extensive lines and well-connected stations.

Buses offer convenient access to all corners of London, including the more remote areas, while Overground trains connect you to neighboring regions.

To make your journeys even smoother, embrace the Oyster card—a rechargeable smart card that allows you to travel seamlessly across various modes of public transport.


London has made great strides in becoming a cycling-friendly city. You can benefit from the many designated lanes for bikes and rent a bike through the Santander Cycles program, which is also called Boris Bikes.

Cycling is not only good for the environment, but it also lets you explore the city at your own speed and uncover hidden treasures as you go.

Remember to learn and follow the safety rules for cycling and wear a helmet to keep yourself safe.


London is a city that you can truly appreciate on foot. Put on your comfy shoes and take a leisurely stroll through its lively streets, beautiful parks, and historic neighborhoods.

Walking allows you to fully immerse yourself in the city’s enchanting atmosphere and discover hidden treasures like one-of-a-kind shops, cozy cafes, and bustling street markets.

Don’t miss pedestrian-only areas like Covent Garden and Carnaby Street, where you can enjoy a delightful car-free shopping and dining experience.

Ride-Sharing and Carpooling Services

When you’re living without a car, there might be occasions when you need a vehicle for certain trips or errands.

Instead of owning your own car, you can look into ride-sharing services like Uber or Bolt. These services offer convenient transportation options that are easily accessible through an app on your phone.

Another option to consider is carpooling platforms like Liftshare and BlaBlaCar, where you can share rides with other people going in the same direction.

Carpooling not only helps you save money but also reduces your impact on the environment.

Local Amenities

One of the advantages of living without a car in London is the proximity to a wealth of amenities.

From supermarkets to local shops, healthcare facilities to recreational centers, many essential services are within walking distance or a short public transport ride away.

Embrace the convenience of local amenities and support your neighborhood businesses while reducing your dependence on a car.

Utilize Delivery Services

In today’s digital age, you can have a wide range of items delivered right to your door with a simple click.

Make the most of online grocery shopping and delivery services like Ocado, Tesco, or Amazon Fresh.

Many restaurants and takeout places also offer delivery services, allowing you to enjoy a variety of delicious meals without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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