Nestled off the coast, surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, lies a picturesque paradise known as Block Island.

But what if you were told that you could savor all its wonders without the need for a car? Yes, you read that right! In this article, we embark on a delightful journey to explore whether it’s possible to live and thrive on this enchanting island without relying on four wheels.

Join us as we uncover the hidden gems, secret pathways, and the joyous freedom of a car-free life on Block Island.

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Can I Live On Block Island Without A Car?

Yes, Living on Block Island without a car is possible! You have lots of options to move around and have a great time without needing a car.

Renting a bike, walking, or using public transportation are all ways to get around the island.

Many people who live or visit there love the car-free lifestyle, enjoying the beautiful bike trails, lovely streets in the towns, and other fun activities without cars.

So, if you’re thinking about living on this enchanting island, don’t worry! You can have a wonderful and happy life there without a car.

How to Live In Block Island Without A Car

Bike Your Way Around: Renting a bike is a fantastic way to explore the island. Block Island offers scenic biking trails that wind through breathtaking landscapes. Feel the gentle breeze on your face as you pedal along, discovering hidden gems and enjoying the freedom of two wheels.

Stroll and Savor: Walking is not just good for your health, but it’s also an ideal way to soak in the island’s charm. Take strolls through the charming towns of Old Harbor and New Shoreham. Enjoy the quaint architecture, visit local shops, and relish the relaxed pace of life.

Hop on Public Transportation: Block Island’s public transportation system is a reliable option for getting around. With buses conveniently connecting various spots on the island, you can travel without the hassle of driving. Sit back, enjoy the view, and let someone else handle the navigation.

Island Carpool: Carpooling with friends and neighbors is an eco-friendly and fun way to get around. Share rides to events, beaches, or even the grocery store. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll also make new connections and create lasting memories.

Embrace Island Life: Living on Block Island offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in the local community. Participate in community events, support local businesses, and relish the camaraderie that comes with a close-knit island lifestyle.

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Top 5 Places to live In Block Island Without A Car

Old Harbor

As the island’s main port and town center, Old Harbor is a bustling hub with everything you need within easy reach.

With its pedestrian-friendly streets and a wealth of shops, cafes, and restaurants, you’ll relish strolling around and discovering new treasures at every turn.

The mesmerizing views of the harbor and the lively atmosphere make Old Harbor an ideal place to call home without a car.

New Shoreham

Nestled just a short distance from Old Harbor, New Shoreham is the island’s oldest and most historic town.

Living in New Shoreham means having easy access to a charming array of shops, art galleries, and local landmarks like the majestic Southeast Lighthouse.

With its walkable neighborhoods and friendly locals, you’ll feel a sense of belonging from the moment you arrive.

Corn Neck

If you seek a more tranquil and nature-centric lifestyle, Corn Neck is the perfect choice.

This area is renowned for its picturesque beaches and lush landscapes, making it an oasis for nature lovers.

As you explore the serene paths and beaches on foot, you’ll appreciate the serene and peaceful ambiance that surrounds you.

Mohegan Bluffs

For those who crave breathtaking views and dramatic cliffs, Mohegan Bluffs is an awe-inspiring location to settle down.

Despite being a bit secluded, you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled vistas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Living here allows you to revel in the tranquility of nature, with the sounds of the waves as your constant companion.

Sachem Pond

If you desire a more remote and private living experience, Sachem Pond presents an idyllic setting.

Surrounded by untouched beauty and lush vegetation, this area offers a secluded escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Without a car, you can immerse yourself in the natural wonders and unwind by the pond’s serene waters.

Things To Do On Block Island Without A Car

Bike Riding Bliss

Rent a bike and feel the wind in your hair as you pedal through the island’s scenic trails.

Biking is not only fun but also a fantastic way to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean, forests, and more.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture those unforgettable moments.

Leisurely Walking

Block Island’s charming towns, like Old Harbor and New Shoreham, beckon you to take a leisurely stroll.

Wander through the quaint streets, visit local shops, and perhaps find a hidden gem or two.

Exploring on foot lets you truly immerse yourself in the island’s unique atmosphere.

Beach Delights

Who needs a car when you have the island’s stunning beaches within easy reach?

Pack your beach essentials, choose your favorite sandy spot, and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand.

Whether it’s swimming, building sandcastles, or simply relaxing, the beach offers a world of enjoyment.

Discovering Nature’s Beauty

Embark on a hiking adventure and discover Block Island’s natural wonders.

With various hiking trails suitable for all levels, you can explore lush landscapes, and serene ponds, and encounter fascinating wildlife.

It’s a chance to reconnect with nature and appreciate the island’s biodiversity.

Savoring Sunsets

Block Island is famous for its jaw-dropping sunsets, and you don’t need a car to witness this magical spectacle.

Find a cozy spot on the beach or a cliffside lookout, and watch as the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors. Sunsets here are a feast for the eyes and soul.

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